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Clean up and create order freed: Just give it a try ...
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Constanzes (Wohn) column

Maybe you read this column on a day when you are free? Then it can start right away. Come, I'll take you now! Let's go on a journey through rooms, as I often find them, and we go in search of storage space! Or after the small change that causes so much! Try it! NOW!

Tatort FLUR: Many hallways start on your doorstep: shoes, old mats, umbrellas, stuffiness. And behind the door? As it resembles shoe shops, only the drive seems rather uninviting here: unkempt shoes, expired slippers and "slippers" that deserve this name.

SOLUTION: Mop or polish shoes, and stow away in shoe cupboards (wood / bast / plastic).

On the wall is a dresser, and because surfaces have always been abused as a shelf, there is also chaos here: Tempos, tampons, keys, notes, cards & Co stand trellis around small vessels in which connect watches and gold chains.

SOLUTION: most chests of drawers have a "junk drawer" that should be cleaned up time and again, but at the same time serve as an invisible storage chest. Put a small box in the drawer for each member of the family, so everyone keeps their mess box in their own shafts.

Now to the ceiling: A halogen lamp, long gone out of fashion, actually long hated, but .... YEN, BUT! The excuses are long, why the spotlights are still hanging over all heads. No one is watching anymore and the pride of buying has long since faded.

SOLUTION: eg a chandelier or a white ball lamp (various sizes, IKEA). How about wallpaper or new paint on half the wall, with a mirror for more space or large canvases, even painted or printed with family photos? A hall wins a lot of charm - he gives the guest the first impression of our domicile! And who has only a small apartment, which uses the corridor as a separate room, which is a visual integration, not a cool demarcation for coats that like too stifling overcrowded coat hooks (is really no more room in the closet? Hangs summer and winter clothing Smash out and finally dismantle the Metal Thing so the sleeves will not knock a guest over your ears!)

Continue to the BAD: on a shelf pile hundreds of towels, the lowest were certainly not used for years. GO OUT! The bath rugs, so colorful, that they untest the beautiful tiles in the bathroom! A cosmetic bucket? Why even in the bathroom still garbage, if next door is the household waste? Comfort is not a virtue! A base cabinet is missing, why Putzteufel queue for the toilet? Why is the step shelf above the sink so endlessly full?

SOLUTION: Purchase lower cabinets, empty cleaning devils (how many do you really need?), Fill small boxes / sacks thematically. Behind closed wooden cabinets on the wall, a lot can disappear, that creates peace! A BAD is today more of a wellness temple, not a drugstore. How about 2 shower curtains instead of 1? For the wash tubes wardrobe closet bags (Ikea) could be made of washable nylon, hung with the opening to the shower wall to the rod. Choose single-color towels that will match wall and floor tiles, hang a beautiful lamp from the ceiling, paint the walls, create a space you like to step into - and not just for a short break!

Let's go to the kitchen: I have often carried with customers already up to 6 blue garbage bags out. Content? Expired, Waste, Broken, Useless, Double. Tear open all the doors, muck them out and take out visual eye-catchers while you hide plastic and food in the closets. Under the sink is the home of shopping bags. How many did you collect there? The record I experienced: 120 bags! My customer was allowed to keep 5 bags, because every day new ones are added (why do not you do that? Stow away shopping in your own pretty bags and bags). If space has been created, the dishwashing brush and other plaster variety may finally disappear under the basin! We almost forgot the crates. Is that much stock really needed? If so, then build yourself a wooden box, in which the plastic boxes disappear, perhaps with a lid, then put a pillow on it? What about the chair cushions, if you dine in the kitchen? And does the view to the outside obstruct a gold-edged curtain? What decorates the windowsill? Fresh herb pots, ceramic bowls, tall glass vases with fresh flowers or garden branches? .........

At this point we take a little break of only 7 days. Next Tuesday I take you in SZ / KZ / balcony / and we then dedicate ourselves vacuum cleaner, ironing board & co!

I look forward to meeting you. For today, I invite you to look over my shoulder once:

Your Constanze * and for more tips in full length, I recommend to my book: "The art of cleaning up" Köpp / Ritter (rowohlt)

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