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New bosom show at Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus went to the supermarket with Liam but no bra

Miley Cyrus / Twitter

Obviously, Liam Hemsworth has nothing to say when it comes to the dress style of his fiancee. Or should he be right in the end, that Miley Cyrus despite apparently operated breasts continue to do without bras? After the teen-queen the last days felt sick, the couple visited the eco-supermarket "Whole Foods" in Studio City. In addition to her punk haircut, Mile Cyrus once again showed a lot of breasts under a "Sex Pistols" slipper shirt, which was cut out laterally.Liam Hemsworth finds Miley Cyrus free movement superLiam Hemsworth is not only tolerant, but also likes the style. One of his friends already told the press in April: "Liam does not mind that and it does not disgust him. That's her style. And as far as their sideboobs are concerned, that's great! "Basically, we can not blame him for that, only we think Miley Cyrus should stop beseeching her breast enlargement in view of the latest shot! SE

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