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Spoof Project: Nathalie Croquet post campaigns

Nathalie Croquet shows how models look human.
Photo: Instagram / Nathalie Croquet

Nathalie Croquet: A normal model

Models are immaculate. The convey smooth posters on each Litfaßsäule. Nathalie Croquet recreates the campaigns and models for the Spoof project itself.

Day in, day out she has models in front of her. Whether with colorful hair or in elegant dresses, the models are perfectly set in every shooting. The photo series look pretty, no question, but human? Not really. The immaculate and perfectly retouched faces of the models have little to do with a normal person.

After years of daily viewing of the unrealistic photo spreads, the French fashion journalist is now taking action herself. Nathalie Croquet launches the project called "Spoof", for which she is re-enacting the world's most successful advertising campaigns.

But for the self-produced photo series Croquet engaged no model. Instead, she can be seen in the photos herself. And suddenly, the immaculate campaigns are human. But that's why they are by no means less beautiful. On the contrary: Croquet gives the photos suddenly the personality that they lacked so far clearly.

Under the hashtag #Spoof, the fashion journalist publishes the imbedded campaigns on Instagram . The parodies are well received. While Croquet takes himself with humor, many people are visibly impressed. "Who needs models?" Comments an Instagram user of one of the photos.

It depends on the staging. So the Spoof project suddenly succeeds in recreating a campaign with a normal model and thus not looking any less beautiful. Nathalie Croquet shows what makes a person special and above all unique: blemish instead of flawless.

Croquet thus supports the current movement against unrealistic model dimensions. In more and more magazines appear plus-size, instead of lean models.

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