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Specialists in good hearing

Craftsmanship and passion: audiologists are real all-rounders, their special skills increase the well-being of the customers

They have medical know-how, are consultants, precision mechanics, good listeners, people's connoisseurs and high-tech specialists at the same time - only a few occupations combine so many areas and competencies as those of the audiologist

The hearing care professionals form the interface between the customers and the manufacturers of hearing systems. With audioconses and targeted examinations as well as in an individual discussion they advise people with hearing impairments and sensitively respond to the respective needs.

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When the fitting of hearing aids is indicated, the client and the hearing care professional meet several times on successive appointments to further optimize the selection and settings of the hearing instruments. Even after the adjustment phase, the hearing specialists look after their clients within the aftercare and work on the continuous improvement of the hearing and listening experience.

The partner acousticians of the Forum Gute Hören are the qualified contact point for all kinds of questions and help on the topic. With the acoustic search on interested and affected people can quickly and easily find their partner acoustician in the neighborhood.

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