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Such is the life of a famous mother with a handicapped child

Famous mothers with many children: That's where Victoria Beckham comes in. Extremely perfectionist, super successful and never out of character. No trace of baby porridge on the sweater or unwashed hair. Of course, that can only be done with a lot of help, one thinks.

Splashing in the pool: Katie Price really does it with her five children
Photo: Instagram / KatiePrice

Now, scandal noodle and boxer Katie Price has released pictures and videos from her life as a fivefold mother. We are amazed and impressed by how she copes with her life, including her disabled son Harvey (12).

A photo posted by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on Oct 11, 2015 at 7:17 pm

Sweaters and jeans and a not completely tidy apartment. In the house Price it looks quite normal. In the Daily Mail video, the 37-year-old Briton shows how the life of a celebrity five-mom with a disabled child really is.

She feeds her son Harvey with medication that is mentally impaired and blinded by a genetic defect from birth. But just as any other mother would do, she challenges her son. Ask him if he wants to dress himself, and be pleased with his progress.

In the past, Katie Price has often made negative headlines. Affairs and on-off marriage with Peter André. The two got to know each other in the English version of the jungle camp. They have two children together.

The disabled Harvey, 12, is Price's eldest child and is the result of an affair with Dwight Yorke, Trinidad and Tobago national footballer . Another son was Katie with a stripper. At the separation after one year, she was already pregnant with another daughter. For the media, the mother was a well-fed.

When a comedian brought tasteless scenes about the disabled son Harvey to his program in 2011, Katie went public with an open letter calling for more respect for people with disabilities. In 2007, she was even voted Celebrity Mom of the Year.

The former boxing bitch and model with its own fashion collection and TV appearances deserve a living.

How loving Katie really is with her son Harvey can be seen in the video.

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