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Polar bear Arturo is the saddest zoo animal in the world

Photo: Facebook / Save Polar Bear Arthur

This animal destiny touches hearts

For 29 years alone behind bars: Polar Bear Arturo ekes out a miserable existence in an Argentine zoo. Animal rights activists are fighting for his transfer.

Dry air and temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius : Polar bear Arturo has been kept in the zoo of the Argentine city of Mendoza for 29 years . His living conditions are catastrophic: in his enclosure, there are hardly any shadows during the day, a quiet retreat with a roof over his head is completely missing . He is constantly exposed to the eyes of curious and troubled zoo visitors.

Pictures and videos of Arturo show the polar bear depressed and powerless . In fact, the animal should be depressed and have lost all courage to live. Animal rights activists are calling for a petition to move Arturo to an animal park in Canada . There, not only the climate would be more compatible, the housing conditions would be almost like in the wild - with plenty of space and conspecifics.

But Arturo's home zoo in Argentina refuses. Cost and effort are too high. In addition, the zoo loses its main attraction in Mendoza. Let's hope that signing and donation can bring about an agreement - and Polar Bear Arturo expects a better life soon.

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