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Set up Caribbean: Pacific Flower on trend

A fruit becomes a decorative work of art.
Photo: Living idea about deco & style, Photo: Anke Sch├╝tz

Kissed by the Atlantic

Who would like to travel to one of the Caribbean islands during their next vacation? If the finances and time allow it, surely almost everyone!

For whom the planned holiday is still a long way off or who has too little money and time, we may be able to help.

A new, summery style of living moves into our home: the Pacific Flower look .

With this style you get the Caribbean in your own four walls. With small accessories and ideas for DIY, we want to show you how you can set up living spaces Caribbean . These include colorful colors and light fabrics. A bit of pink here and a little green there - the look brings us a summery holiday feeling home.

The good thing is: You can also use individual accessories throughout the year, because they look good in any season.

Dream of the South Seas and enjoy your free time. Set up Caribbean - how it works ...