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Animal Print: leopard print aside, now comes the Bambi trend!

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The new darling among animal prints

And we thought that we had already seen all kinds of animal patterns! But this new print trend teaches us a better one. And we wonder how we could ever live without him ...

The cutest fawn of our childhood is back - and lends its coat (of course only in the figurative sense) as a source of inspiration for the most beautiful print of the season: the Bambi pattern !

Label Givenchy proved that the Disney character is also a fashion icon last year with the Bambi print on neoprene sweaters - so the all-over version is a logical progression. On dresses, shirts and shoulder bags you can already find the new darling among animal prints . And this is certainly not the last time that we encountered the Bambi printing in the fall of 2014!

We find: A welcome change to snake, zebra and leopard. The Bambi printing comes "only" from native climes, but is at least as trend-suspicious, as its exotic relatives.