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Column: Pssst ...

Going crazy about trifles, getting into trouble typical of us women.

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  1. Get into trouble
  2. Mindfucking affects many women
  3. Outwardly happy and self-confident
  4. Men do not worry
Now there is a word for it: Mindfucking. That's just fine, says Joy author Kira Brück.

It's about the laundry, lying around in the apartment. My friend and I quarrel, and so hard that in the end the doors pop. Finally I sit alone in the guest room. But instead of crying, I think: If Sebastian and I break up now, I need at least nine months to get over it.

Get into trouble

After that, I have a few hot flirtations, get to know married men and I'm totally frustrated. At 34, I fall in love again, but the guy turns out to be psycho. Maybe I'll find a great man at 36, with whom I finally want to be together. But he is already divorced and dad of two children.

Family planning completed. In short: I will never be mom. But a frustrated and very emancipated godmother of the brood of my friends. At 45, I breed dogs out of loneliness. So I get on better with Sebastian. Immediately. It is already clear: The next violent Zoff me again shoots a similar horror scenario through the head.

Mindfucking affects many women

It's like being jinxed, but I'm just not able to think from now until next week - but only from today to 30 years. Kira and worries that will never arrive. That belongs together like chips with Mayo in the pool. I know that everything happens only in my head. But what should I do? I'm just a mindfucking victim - like most women.

If we could, we'd all like to get a shit on Ebay. Or a thicker coat. Sometimes I can not sleep at night because I'm straining myself into anything. The one colleague has looked so funny today. Did she find my dress ugly? I hope the taxi driver did not think I was going to hook him up when I smiled so nicely. Will I really get into the new club on Saturday?

Outwardly happy and self-confident

The crazy thing is that none of my friends would think that I have a happiness phobia. Outwardly, I'm happy and confident, but inside constantly in the pitfall. Do not I dare myself? Why do I always think that everyone is better than me? And how is it with all the other women who feel the same way?

Men do not worry

We could just stop going crazy about problems that will never happen. But that would be far too easy, the men do that already. Ever heard a guy after the party say, "I think Sibylle's new boyfriend does not like me!"? Or, "Do you think they think I'm a showman in the office when I wear the Burberry tie?"? No, right?

Because guys do not mind how others find them or what's in 20 years. Men are a bit like dogs: they live in the here and now. And as long as you can open a can (food or beer) in the evening, everything is scratched. Sebastian is the same. "Relax, " he often tells me. "If that were so easy, " I think.

It was a lucky coincidence when he gave me the first season of "Girls" recently. The series girlfriends Hannah and Marnie talk so much that I can not think about myself anymore - but what if I watched all the DVDs?

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