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Video: 2 month old baby says 'I love you'

Daddy makes it and the daughter babbles it.
Photo: youtube / Stephanie Passalacqua

The first words

We regularly find funny pictures and emotional videos on the World Wide Web! Today: The first words of a little girl.

I love you - three words, one meaning. Many adults find it difficult to talk about 'I love you'. All the better when children bully their loving words to themselves. And even better, when the child is only two months old.

Mom or dad. Dad or mom. When it comes to the first word of your own child, most parents do not understand fun. Whether mom or dad - the parents in this video avoid a dispute from the start. 'I love you' not only moves on more neutral ground, but also has a much nicer meaning.

Daddy does it, the daughter does it. Nearly. For more than a beeping and chuckling does not bring the little girl on Daddy's lap. At least not at the beginning. After several attempts then ... maybe a little one ... listen for yourself!

Whether ' I love you ' or not - the parents are happy. And us too! A phenomenon is this little worm in any case. And not just on the internet. Every other baby makes the first word between the ninth and the 14th month over the lips . At the age of two months, a baby reacts only to the sounds of its surroundings, it can be calmed by a familiar voice. A well-rehearsed team always seems to be dad and daughter. And no matter whether with or without pronounced declaration of love, the love between the two is a very special one.

The original is here.

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