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Out of HollywoodHappy in retirement: What is Cameron Diaz doing today?

Granted, we were not really surprised by Cameron Diaz's secret pension. But what is the cult blonde doing now? On the lazy skin are hardly so!

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  1. Secretly retired - really now?
  2. Retired Cameron Diaz: Because of sweet idleness!
  3. What makes Cameron so happy?

No other actress has brought us so many screaming comic Hollywood moments as Cameron Diaz! Who else can conjure up the coolest glam hairstyle in cinematic history with Cum ('Crazy for Mary', 1998), perform the Wackpopo dance in white teen underpants just before she gobbles up the villain ('3 Angels for Charlie', 2000) or completely messed up teaching a school class to earn money for new breasts ('Bad Teacher', 2011)? Officially, Cameron Diaz is retired, but the thought of her does not let us go. That's why we went searching for clues : What is the cult blonde doing today?

Secretly retired - really now?

Who has given away his heart to Cam, which should have noticed a blatant cut in the biography of the star: With 'The Schadenfreundinnen', 'Sex Tape' and the feature film 'Annie' put Cameron in 2014 before three hits - then it was over. And finally we conclude: Cameron Diaz has secretly retired in 2014 . Whether she had planned it that way or not, she never betrayed. But it seems clear: after 35 major film productions and numerous smaller projects between 1994 and 2014, the artist needed a break.
After her colleague Selma Blair (46), who is currently bravely sharing her fight against multiple sclerosis with the public, had blabbered in March 2018 that Cam was "done" with Hollywood, the screen beauty confirmed her pension. Cam openly told Entertainment Weekly, "I literally do nothing, I'm retired."

Retired Cameron Diaz: Because of sweet idleness!

In our research on Cameron crystallized quickly: If Cam speaks of retirement, she does not mean the sweet idleness. Obviously, the California-born American just retired from the film business to build other pillars . The most important: the writing. At the end of 2013, she co-authored Sandra Bark's The Body Book: Discover the Intelligence of Your Body (published in German in 2015). The guide book became a bestseller within a few months - it seems Cameron has hit the nerve of the moment. In June 2016, she and Sandra then put in: ' The Longevity Book ' is aimed at women who want to age with a healthy attitude instead of being corrupted by the beauty Doc. So far, only the US version is available, but the book promises comprehensive tips and tricks from the two power women.

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Just feeling grateful to our good friends @barnesandnoble, for hosting events that will help keep the conversation going. Join us if you have not already; link is where you think it is. # Thelongevitybook

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What makes Cameron so happy?

Let's be honest: not everyone can write guidebooks. Or would you accept tips for a happy life from someone who basically hates the world? Just. So much the better that Cameron Diaz has not just a legendary Hollywood career behind him, which brought her massive moments of happiness .

In 2009, Cameron Diaz was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
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For privately, the beautiful actress floats on cloud nine for several years . It all started with a lot of malice. After having broken ties with Matt Dillon (54), Jared Leto (46), Justin Timberlake (37) and Alex Rodriguez (43) , she met 'Good Charlotte' rocker Benji Madden (39) in 2014 and became engaged after just seven months with him. His fiancée status was briefly enjoyed by the couple for 17 days before saying yes on January 5, 2015.

Rocker and Beauty: Benji and Cam are overjoyed
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A whirlwind romance that has no chance anyway, was dotted. But Cameron and Benji are still more than happy and always present themselves to the public as real soulmates . On Cam's 46th birthday in August of this year, Benji wrote his happiness on Instagram of the soul:
"Thank you for having gone to my best friend and partner and along with me on this journey called marriage, the way you live your life every day, and your compassion for the world radiates from your eyes." You inspire me, To be the best man to be in life [...] I am so grateful that I am yours forever and ever, and that I may call you the only woman in my life. " The best proof of why it does not pay to wait for the right partner .

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Happy Birthday Baby There are so many to write, so many things that make me so proud of you and how special they are. The way you live your life everyday, and your compassion for the world, you're in your eyes and you're inspire me to be the best you can. You're the realest. I'm so grateful to be yours Always & Forever, and to call you my one & only. True Love ❤️

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