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Helene Fischer is now learning Russian

Helene Fischer wants to get closer to her Russian heritage.
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The heritage is calling

You never stop learning! This is also what Helene Fischer (28) says. The pop singer said according to the online service "": "I want to learn Russian, the language is very important to me".

With this, Helene Fischer probably wants to build on her Russian heritage. The pop singer was born in Krasnoyarsk, the third largest city in Siberia. When she was four, her parents moved to Germany.

What luck for us. Because not only do we have the opportunity to enjoy Helene Fischer's songs, but we can also learn about the Russian culture together with her.

Again and again Helene Fischer incorporates Russian songs into her shows. It's great if someone appreciates two cultures at once. And who knows? Maybe we will see some of them again on their new tour. It will be exciting in any case!