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Mission pacifier: The "three twins" find a solution

Photo: YouTube: Three twins

The videos from the YouTube channel "Three Twins" are just gorgeous

We have a new favorite YouTube channel: "Three Twins." For what the two little twin girls and their big sister experience is so sweet! We spoke to the father of the girls.

"The Three Twins - Mission Pacifier" ! Sounds a bit like a series from a 1980s radio play cassette series. But no, this is one of the cutest videos we've seen in a long time:

Two twin sisters are in bed in their room. Suddenly one of the pacifiers, or "Nuckel", falls out of bed. Now mission pacifier starts, because of course, the little girl needs her nipple to sleep!

The two girls help each other to bring back the pacifier. The bed goes crazy, the arm stretched, it goes back and forth.

But most importantly, if you want to watch this video, be sure to watch it with sound! How the two talk to each other is so incredibly cute!

But in the video there are only two girls to be seen, so why is that called "Three Twins"?

The videos on the YouTube channel "Three Twins" are about the experiences of a German family. A couple and his three daughters who are close to each other in terms of age. The older girl was 1.5 years old when the twins came.

As the father of the three girls tells us, the name of the channel has a sweet story: "If all three girls wear the same jackets, the confusion (superficially) is great. Once a child, that was on vacation, saw the three and said to his mother: 'Look mom, three twins!' A child has given the channel its name and it's all about being a kid in our channel. "

The family uploads the videos for a good reason: "While there are a plethora of websites, communities and exchanges on the topic of parents, children and everyday life on the Internet, they are dealing with parenting issues, parenting issues and fears To the information object, one often encounters over-anxiousness, oversupply and arrogance.This whole complicated, verkopften parents world, the videos are also simply a piece of children's world oppose. "

The family man continues to tell us how incredibly different in character are his three girls: "One like Obelix fell into the pot of potions, a powerhouse and bundle of energy, the other is the soft, flexible and creative that invents stories and with Spells talk to sleep, and the third, the big one, is extremely petite but smart and she's the boss. "

Well, and according to the description, guess which of the girls plays the lead in the following video: One of the "three twins" shows a bit too much empathy here. She is crying because she sees in a video how another baby falls down!

It's so heartbreaking!

The father of the three girls continues to tell us: "The twins are a phenomenon in their own right, because twins, as is very often the case, have their own twin worlds, they enter with a snap of their fingers, are completely self-sufficient and turn everything around As a team, they have a tremendous power, which is often not easy for our parents to make their voice heard, to get back in the game, but they always amaze us, make us smile and laugh ... Stell 'you, we recently got space ban! '


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