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Whimsical GiftKrasses Video: Girl is crying with pleasure over her first own rifle

With a video showing a young girl crying with pleasure about his first own weapon, the gun manufacturer Beretta is causing a lot of excitement.

The joy of little Presley is great: Now she finally has her own shotgun.
Photo: Facebook / Beretta

Usually a rifle is not a normal gift - neither for an adult nor for a child. However, this does not seem to apply to all parents in this world. At least, this image is conveyed by the Italian arms manufacturer Beretta with a controversial Facebook post.

The post, published a few days ago, shows a young girl named Presley wrapping up a present. She is obviously very excited. When she breaks the paper apart, she can hardly believe it. The little girl bursts into tears for joy. She can not believe that she now owns her first own shotgun (!).

The text to the post office does not make it any better: "She opens the Beretta box, her reaction will make you cry ... The moment you open your first 686, you will not forget a moving video that takes us sent by Presley's parents shows the emotional moment when she realizes that she finally has her own 686 Silver Pigeon, which we call #BerettaJoy. "

Usually, we are also happy to watch children watching out for something special. However, this video is thinking. Many Facebook users agree. For example, one user writes, "The message is terrible! Children should cry for joy, because they're getting a puppy, or a new game or a pretty present, but not for a gun! I'm really sorry, but that's terrible! "

Either way: the company Beretta gets attention by the video in any case. The little girl has been watched over 2 million times unpacking her gift. In addition, the contribution was shared over 15, 000 times.