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"My son is my happiness!"

Single for 5 years: Patrick Lindner (48)
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The honest INTERVIEW with Patrick Lindner

For more than 20 years, Patrick Lindner (48) has become an indispensable part of the show industry and sang popular songs (such as "Every Heart Needs a Home") in the hearts of people. And as versatile as never before he presents himself on his new album "Catch the Sun". In NEW POST, Patrick Lindner now shows his private side, talking about love and his son Daniel (11).

Mr. Lindner, you have been single for five years. Is not there a new love in your life?

Patrick Lindner : No. Of course I can not say that I like to be alone. But in my situation it is not so easy to find the right partner. I am at an age when life runs in certain directions. My job is important to me, and my son is very important to me. For that I take responsibility and put my interests back a little, because Daniel is my whole luck.

And who cares about Daniel when they are traveling for work?

Patrick Lindner: If it can be set up, Daniel accompanies me. He likes that and already knows many people in the industry. If that does not work, my mother will come to us. And I think it's very nice that I can rely on her.

Are you more strict or yielding than father?

Patrick Lindner: Well, a certain severity is not bad. Children need limits, have to remember: So, now it's over! But it was also always important to me that Daniel gets to know everything, that he tries everything that is possible. With us, children are always involved in the conversation. This gives them confidence and strengthens their self-esteem. And they need that to develop their own personality. But the most important thing for a child is to know that it is loved. I tell my son every day how much I love him.

Is it also important for you to convey certain values ​​to Daniel?

Patrick Lindner: Of course, I try to convey to Daniel that he should be polite, that he must have respect for other people or at the table the cutlery right. My son certainly benefits from the fact that he grows very cosmopolitan due to my job. And when others rave about him, I'm a little proud. Yes, and I have to say honestly: experiencing my son, how he is developing, that's the most important and beautiful job I have.