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Sweet video for Valentine's Day: A date for hamsters

Big love, little couple: The hamsters enjoy their Valentine's dinner.
Photo: Screenshot / HelloDenizen

A tiny Valentine's Day date

Valentine's Day is approaching! Such a sweet date as these hamsters are allowed to experience is hard to beat: the video is gorgeous!

Like every year, weeks before February 14th is all about the day of love. Flower shops present their most beautiful rose treasures and in the shops a head of pure romanticism is buzzing. The business of the year is waiting for praline producers and florists. While many get heart-pills at the thought of Valentine's Day, another just turns away annoyed.

The 14th of February is the day of the lovers. What its origin is, is not very clear. It is said that the custom goes back to a bishop Valentin, who secretly trusted couples and was subsequently executed on 14 February. Wherever he comes from: even those who are convinced that the day is invented by the gift industry and more commercial than romantic, will love this video!

Because these two hamsters conjure even Valentine's Day muffles a smile on the face. A master has his pets very nice and this year, something very special for 14 February thought up:

The hamster couple gets their own date for Valentine's Day!

It is thought of everything. First, the in love hamsters enjoy a romantic cruise to the restaurant. There is a tiny dinner waiting for the equally tiny couple. Brav take both hamsters place and slurp à la Susi and Strolch their pasta in a romantic atmosphere. With such a sweet video the bar for this year's Valentine's Day is set very high!

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