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Bad sleep in February

Study: Sleep in winter

100 sheep, 101 sheep, 102 sheep ... In February we could set a new record in the nocturnal sheep!

Bad sleep in February
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A British study has shown that we sleep worse in February than in any other month.

Napping like a princess? In a restful Sleeping Beauty sleep fall in February only very few. Most of them fare like the princess on the pea: they can hardly sleep at night. This has been confirmed by a British study. At the beginning of 2013, under the direction of Professor Colin Espie, scientists evaluated the data from a three-year sleep study. The February was officially declared the worst sleep month.

Tips for a restful sleep in winter we give in the gallery (12 pictures).

Since 2010, the "Great British Sleep Survey" has been polling volunteers about their sleeping habits. So far, more than 21, 000 men and women participated in the ten-minute online test. At the beginning of 2013, a temporary evaluation of the ongoing survey showed that compared to the following month in March, we need about eight minutes longer to fall asleep in February and stay awake at night for about ten minutes.

Lack of sleep in February

Dark days, long nights, too little fresh air and centrally heated homes will reduce both the duration and the quality of our sleep in February. The good news: In March we have already overcome the deep sleep. From then on we can sleep better until the beginning of next winter.

Around 32 percent of respondents said they felt frustrated by poor sleep in February. In March, there were only eight percent. As reports, our sleep quality is expected to rise 14 percent in March according to the study. In the picture gallery we reveal how you can find a restful sleep despite the February low.

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