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Sandra Steinbach: Escape to the crime scene?

The undercooled prosecutor: Sandra Steinbach
Photo: Imago / APress, Becker & Bredel

The Saarland crime scene causes criticism

Sunday is Tatort Day, this time again with new Kommisaren in the beautiful Saarbrücken. In the leading roles Devid Striesow (39) as a yoga and marijuana enthusiastic Commissioner Stellbrink, Elisabeth Brück (40) as his "toughe" colleague and Sandra Steinbach (37) as a cool and rather unsympathetic prosecutor Nicole Dubois.

The latter was already a bit unsure about their role in the new crime scene. To the "Bild" newspaper, she says: "Maybe I have to leave the country on Monday because I've been so embarrassed".

If you follow the slogans on Twitter, which went on the air on Sunday evening, this idea does not seem so outlandish. Twitterer @Raupino wrote: "SuperRTL is running" Balduin, the holiday fright "and I can hardly tell the difference to the new SR # tatort ...". And @KerSdt says, "I want my fees back, that was not a #tatort, that was complete nonsense".

In addition to the poorly drawn up story about an Arab girl who is abused as a drug dealer by traffickers, the performance of the actors is also heavily criticized. To exaggerate the characters are shown, too artificial affects their representation.

Actually, the new Saarland crime scene should be better, more beautiful, more fun, would like to compete easily with the rock-hard Til Schweiger (49) and the charismatic Wotan Wilke Möhring (45). But we got to see rather bad slapstick.

So the performers had certainly not imagined the outcome of their shooting. If Sandra Steinbach complains about her role at this point and colleague Devid Striesow feels like a "puppet in the fairy tale park", one can say: that was probably nothing, dear authors. Take your responsibility for good entertainment on Sunday evening television next time, but something serious or switch to children's television!

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