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How to sew a picnic blanket

Colorful picnic blanket: Perfect for a day outdoors
Photo: Eva Herr

Wonderfully comfortable

What could be better than spending a nice day outdoors? It gets even better with an extended picnic and the matching blanket.

What you need for the picnic blanket:

  • Stoffanchnchnitt: each Rowan fabric: a strip of 30 x 110 cm Ferns Art. No. PWGP147 - YELLO Thousand Flowers Item No. PWGP144 - CHALK Labels Art. No. PWBM045 - AQUAX Thousand Flowers Item No. PWGP144 --PINKX Plain fabric: 10 x 110 cm Art. No. CSFSESS - HONEY All material specifications include seam allowance
  • Additional material: fleece: 110 x 140 cm volume fleece 295 (Freudenberg) Other: 505 cm purple bias binding from Milward 10 mm wide, matching Coats Cotton sewing thread, 140 cm white cord 4 mm thick, scissors, tape measure, ruler

And that's how easy it is:

1. Sew the fabric strips together as shown.

2. Place the front left to the left on the back in between to place the fleece, pinning and sewing through all layers of fabric in the seam shadow of the strips.

3. Round off all corners with the template. To do this, place the template on the corner, transfer the rounding with a pencil and cut back the fabric along this line.

4. Cover the ceiling with the bias binding. Open here for the bias binding and sew on first at the edge on the front of the blanket. Put a fold in the corners at right angles. Then beat the bias tape backwards. Due to the folds at the corners, the bias binding can be placed nicely around the corners. Then attach with pins and gabsteppen on the front of the bias tape schmalkanti.

5. Cut the cord in half and secure both cord pieces to a narrow side. For this, mark the middle and sew on a piece of cord with multiple stitches by hand at a distance of 10 cm to both sides.

6. When folding, roll the blanket in third and then tie the wrapping with the cord.

The complete instructions for download can be found here!

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