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Rock over trousers is back in fashion - the 90s scary comeback

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Why some trends should be a thing of the past ...

The 90s celebrate their revival in fashion in 2015 - and of course forgotten looks, which we all certainly wore - but today hardly anyone likes to admit that ...

Bye Loveparade, Bye-bye Eurodance, Au revoir Buffalo platform shoes ... at least we thought so far. Because at the latest since this year is clear: The 90s are - at least fashionable - again in full swing.

Yes, that's right! Everywhere we are currently seeing things we know quite well but have not seen for a long time - rightly so, we have to say at this point - and yet there is a slight sense of nostalgia. Who does not remember tops with spaghetti straps, tattoo collars and sunflower prints ?! The highlight of this comeback is now a layered look, which we all tried out at least once in the 90s and probably supersede this fact since time immemorial: Rock on pants !

Man, you looked exciting at that time. And somehow the look was quite simply combined. No matter what pants, could be styled to any skirt (or dress). Sometimes the skirts were already sewn on the pants. My personal favorite was always black with black. Uncomplicated, casual - and today just UNDENKABLE!

However, designers like Dries Van Noten see things completely differently and let their models walk the catwalk at the shows for 2015 with this combo. The fashion designer was also allowed to combine different patterns in muted colors.

Trend or not. The question is: do we really want to travel back in time and look like we did over 20 years ago? Is not it nice to have developed (not only fashionable) and not to slip into the styles of a teenager or Twens ?!

Answer: Yes, it is beautiful! And to be honest, we are happy to leave the young, fashion-inspired girls in the lead in terms of '90s, after all, this decade is something completely new for them. And while we look older but wiser in our 90s-free looks, Haddaway's "What is love?" Of course, we sing along loud - out of nostalgia ... and because we can.

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