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Boris Becker: Bitter tears confession

Boris Becker is facing the shards of his life
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He talks about his children, the cursed alcohol and the love lie

He had everything. Success, fame, money, a great woman, healthy children. Boris Becker (44) was kissed by luck. To him, the radiant tennis hero, everything seemed to succeed. At least initially.

For after the adultery and the divorce from his first wife Barbara (45), it went only steeply downhill. Today, eleven years later, nothing is left of the radiant hero. Yes, Boris Becker failed. It was a drama in several acts - but unfortunately without a happy ending.

He knows that himself - now the confession ! His marriage to Lilly (36)? A fiasco of quarrels, reproaches and antics. His children? Alienate seemingly more and more. The damned alcohol? Constant companion in his life. The reconciliation with Barbara? Burst.

Boris Becker feels how everything slips away and opened his heart in an interview with "Guardian Weekend": "My biggest fear is losing my family!" He tries to save what can not be saved: "I often cry when my kids are doing something sweet. And I really cry fast. "He, the bon vivant, now gives himself very gently.

But even though Boris Becker knows he did a lot wrong, he does not seem willing to change. The alcohol and all the lies have destroyed too much for that: "I have often said to a woman, I love you, without having meant it that way."

A sentence, hard and painful, like a whip-blow. He leaves open whether he alludes to Barbara or Lilly . But one thing is certain: He admits to having lied about his affection. And to have ruthlessly played with the feelings of the women.

Is it because of his dangerous vices? Boris confesses and unusually honest: "Whiskey and a cigar are my secret pleasures." It's a shocking confession . But maybe it will free him too.

Now, at the crossroads of his life. At the stage where he might save something. Yes, Boris Becker has to decide now: Will he live on like this? Does he want to continue to lie to people and submit to his vices?

He still has the chance to give meaning to his life. And to be a role model, especially for his children. So far, he's just an ex-hero who has lost almost everything he once loved so much.

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