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Rihanna is unrestrained in her choice of words

Rihanna shows up in Vogue as a lady and seaman's bride

Rihanna / Courtesy of Vogue

For the second time in a few months Rihanna is allowed to adorn the cover of the fashion bible "Vogue". But while she still looked like a total vamp with flowing, bright red curls on the April issue, she seems more like a lady on the November title of British "Vogue". In the trendy Marilyn Monroe look, she tries for a change with a platinum blonde wig, which surprisingly even stands pretty well. In the interview with the magazine, she is, however, used to blatantly and takes again no mince words. Some time ago, the R & B diva had received a lot of criticism when she used the bad F-word on Twitter, with which women are scornfully called after their genitalia. In Barbados they just talk so rude, defending themselves RihannaIn the "Vogue" betrays She, that she had no idea that you did not say that, because after all, she grew up with it. "The word is so insulting to everyone in the world except for Bajans [The inhabitants of Barbados, note d. Red.]. Do you know that African Americans use the N word for their brothers? Well, that's how we use the F-word. "She also explained about her gutter language:" When I came here, I said it was nothing like 'Hey F *** e' until my make-up artist finally told me to stop doing it. I just never know. "A real lady from Rihanna will probably not be so fast