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Queen Elizabeth: She sends Prince Edward to the wedding of Madeleine

Queen Elizabeth delegates the duties.
Photo: picture alliance

The lot fell on the prince ...

Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 87th birthday privately at Windsor Castle. It usually does not give official celebrations on this day, these are traditionally made up for weather reasons on a June weekend with a large troop parade. This time, as the Buckingham Palace announced, the spectacle is on Saturday, June 15.

A spokesman also revealed the secret of who can or must travel from the Windsors to Stockholm for the wedding of Princess Madeleine (30) and Chris O'Neill (38). The lot once again fell to Prince Edward (49) and Countess Sophie von Wessex (48). The two are allowed to play frequently when there is something to celebrate with the Royals abroad. The Queen always abstains on such occasions, and others - like Charles (64) and Co. - like to hide behind "important" appointments.

The fact that Kate (31) does not like to travel because of her pregnancy on June 8 seems understandable. However, why William (30) has so little contact with the Young Royals is a mystery to many of his fans.

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