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Sam van Aken: Tree carries 40 different fruits

Unbelievable but true: this tree carries 40 different types of fruit.

Impressive art project

What the art professor Sam van Aken has created is unique: a fruit tree that bears dozens of different fruits. How is that possible?

American Sam van Aken is a fine-thinker and art professor at the University of Syracuse, New York. Both the parental knowledge of botany and his drive for perfection have brought the man to an unusual idea.

Van Aken wants to create a hybrid tree out of many individual fruit trees that bears different fruits and blooms several times a year. The method: Transplant twigs of a young tree in the cut or cut trunk of another young growth. While the so-called grafting usually only happens under similar plants and serves the finishing , van Aken crossed the trees with each other.

The result is amazing: The result was a hybrid tree in which grow the planting branches and even drive out flowering branches. Van Akens Tree of 40 Fruits grow plums, peaches, apricots, nectarines and almonds among others. The flowers on the individual branches bloom at different times and shine in different shades.

Unbelievable: The picture below shows the harvest of a single week in August .

Anyone who wants to know more about the artist's unusual project can see a short presentation by Sam van Aken in the video here.