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Power for the immune system, relaxation and proper care help

That bothers a lot when it trickles on blouse or jacket: over 50 percent of women and men have every now and then too many dandruff. New research shows that the main cause in women as in men is a yeast fungus. This is common to anyone on the scalp and is usually harmless. But if he multiplies by a slight immune deficiency, he promotes dandruff. Other causes include stress, heating air or hair care that does not tolerate the scalp. With a three-step plan you can get to grips with these causes. However, if it does not get better in four weeks, a dermatologist should take a look at the scalp.

Zinc for the defense

The trace element regulates cell formation, thus keeping the scalp healthy. And it strengthens the immune system: With enough zinc, our defense can fight fungi effectively. That's why eating right against dandruff helps. Half a handful of sunflower seeds, wheat germ or oatmeal, plus a slice of Edam, Emmental or Gouda plus two slices of wholewheat bread cover the daily requirement of 15 milligrams. Also twice a week sea fish, chicken breast or lean beef provide a lot of zinc.

Stress weakens our defense. The most important tips for balancing the scalp flora:

  • Sleep at least seven hours a day, even better eight.
  • Treat yourself to time-outs that are only yours, such as: For example, a full bath once a week or the daily half hour reading in the evening over a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Think about what is good for you - and then do it.

Dermatologists say: Especially when washing and blow-drying you can do a lot wrong. The most important tips:

  • Wash the hair at most every two days. The water should only be lukewarm. Take baby shampoo, with short hair only a hazelnut-sized amount, with long hair at most a walnut-sized.
  • Rinse the hair lukewarm twice as long as you have massaged the shampoo.
  • Blow dry with medium heat at least, keep at least 20 centimeters away from the scalp. It is best if you let the hair dry in the air.
  • Metal combs and pointed bristles irritate the scalp. Take a horn comb or brush with natural bristles. Ideal: do not touch the scalp when combing or brushing.