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Blogger Julia introduces herself

Dear Joy readers, My name is Julia and I am a new guest blogger on But before I start to write you regular posts, I introduce myself correctly:

I'm 16 years old and I'm from a city in Lower Saxony. I've already done a few blogging experiments, yesterday I opened my new blog, where I'll be blogging daily about fashion, beauty, and my daily routine.

Photo: Guest blogger Julia

Also my posts here at Joy will include these topics. Apart from these topics, however, I am also very interested in travel and photography, which I have been trying for some time now to teach myself.

I also read the Joy regularly, because the content corresponds exactly to my interests. In addition, writing is great fun for me - for these reasons, I am very happy to write articles here with Joy, which you, dear Joy's online readers, will hopefully read!

Here's Julia's blog