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Neil Patrick Harris shows herself naked in private

Naked photo Neil Patrick Harris

Although it's not the sexiest sight of Neil Patrick we've ever seen, it's probably the cheekiest: After his Broadway appearance, he took off in the dressing room - with faded make-up, but also completely naked.

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Neil Patrick Harris naked
Photo: Neil Patrick Harris / Twitter

After the show. After the Wig, "the former" How I Met Your Mother Star "titled the stark-nude selfie of July 31, 2014, in which he looks copiously finished and sweaty. He gives everything on the stage of his current theater production "Hedwig and the Angry Inch".

The six-packs of the stars shows the gallery!

Whether Neil Patrick Harris has since identified with the role that he leaves the nail polish in private as well? What is pleasing about the recording is that although he is exhausted, his figure does not look as haggard anymore as at the beginning of the show a few months ago.

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