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After she lifted her veil: Husband wants the divorce immediately

For a photo she raised her veil: When he looked at her, her husband wanted to divorce immediately.
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The sight of his wife disappointed him

What a wedding nightmare: A Saudi Arabian groom immediately asked for a divorce when he saw his wife for the first time without a veil.

For a bride from Saudi Arabia the most beautiful day in life took an incredible turn. At first everything seemed to be quite normal after the wedding - until one came to the wedding photos. Namely, when the bride raised her veil for a photo with her newly wedded husband, he was far from pleased with what he saw. He should even have jumped in horror.

The man, who had not once seen his wife face to face, immediately demanded a divorce when he saw his wife's face. The spouses are said to have separated on the wedding night.

According to the Daily Mail, referring to the Arab local newspaper Okaz, the horrified husband said to his wife, "You're not the woman I want to be married with, you're not the woman I imagined I'm sorry, but I'm getting a divorce from you. "

In response to this harsh statement, the bride immediately burst into tears and is said to have had a hysteric attack.

In the net, the now divorced husband is now hard for his statement and his actions condemned. He should hardly be surprised about his reckless behavior.