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Mini gift boxes in bag shape

You're celebrating a party and want to put some trifle on your plate for your guests, but do not know how to make it look really pretty and fit the rest of your decor? How about these small gift boxes in bag shape? This makes the chocolates a real eye-catcher.

You need this:

  • Embossed paper in gray (craft shop)
  • Transparent paper (craft shop)
  • Fineliner in dark gray (stationery shop)
  • Punch and Hammer (Craft Shop)
  • Paper boxes (eg from Kirsch Interior, 6 pieces about 4 Euro)
  • Chocolates (department store)
  • Paper tape (craft shop)
  • compasses
  • scissors

And this is how it works:

1. Cut a circle about 2.5 cm in diameter from the embossed gray paper.

2. Cut a circle about 4 cm in diameter from the tracing paper.

3. Label transparent paper circles with Fineliner z. B. "SWEET GREETINGS", "SWEET" or as desired.

4. Lay circles of tracing paper and embossing paper on top of each other and punch in a hole with punch and hammer.

5. Fill the paper boxes with chocolates, tie the tags to the boxes with paper tape.