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The cutest baby belly video ever

The happy family after nine months
Photo: Tom Fletcher // You Tube

Tim Flechter and Giovanna share their happiness with the whole world

Tom Flechter and Giovanna are currently celebrating worldwide for their sweet-and-sweet family video that they want to welcome their young son to the world and to her family.

Sweet it's really not really, right?

The video documents the second pregnancy of Giovanna with son Buddy. The timelapse feature has resulted in a wonderful montage of daily photos the family has made, showing the growth and prosperity of Giovanna's baby bump from the third to the ninth month.

The little Buddy was born on the 16th of February and is the younger brother of the eldest son Buzz. During the recording, Buzz is sitting with his dad in his cot. And anyone who not only has eyes for the growth of Giovanna's belly will find that Buzz gets sweeter as he progresses and grows into a real "heartbreaker".

The family celebrates Halloween - the little buddy is already in the belly!

Fletcher and Giovanna have posted the video with a message addressed to all viewers:

"We hope you enjoy watching the video as we look back over the past nine months that brought us the wonderful birth of our son Buddy Bob Fletcher."

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