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Erotic ArtSoll Reduce Stress: A coloring book full of penises

Quite a lot of beautiful penises for coloring in this extraordinary penis coloring book by two American architects.

A coloring book with penis motifs - the dream of all women?
Photo: PEN15

There are people who love penises. These are undoubtedly men who get by default a penis along the way. Many women find penises quite good, we have heard. Given so many penis lovers, it makes perfect sense to offer people pretty things with penises for sale. A coloring book for example. With a lot of penises. Mandala style.

Yes, there really is! Looks like this:

The special coloring book for creative stress reduction was designed by Jen and Mira, two architects from New Orleans. During their studies, they learned two things:

1. That unbelievable many buildings look like huge penises.

2. How to draw.

So they decided to put all their creativity into this coloring book and make penis lovers all over the world happy. And one thing must be left to them: their penis mandalas are really extremely filigree works of art. Very pretty ...

Who wants to have such a penis coloring book - could for example be a nice present for a hen party - can order it for about 18 Euro here:

If you want to make your friends happy, you can also order postcards with the ornate penis motifs:

So. We hope to have made a few more penis lovers of the world happy with this info. Continue to the next article ...;)

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