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Baptiste Giabiconi and Katy Perry confirm relationship on Twitter

Katy Perry and Baptiste Giabiconi post a shared Twitter photo

Baptiste Giabiconi and Katy Perry / Twitter

It has been rumored for a long time, it has often been denied, now it is out. The hot model and are a couple. The two finally confirmed themselves via Twitter.Baptiste Giabiconi and Katy Perry tweet about their relationshipThe newly in love couple makes at least purely optically good! A spokesman previously told the US newspaper New York Post that they "try it and spend lots of time together." However, it is strange that this relationship is made public so soon! Does Katy want to wipe her ex with it? It sure is a decent upgrade from Russell Brand to Karl Lagerfeld's muse with the mega-body. Katy also knows that, or would she otherwise want to share photos on Twitter? Or is it just a skilful move to get into the media? Let's see how long the France-Los Angeles long distance relationship holds! CR

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