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Boris Becker and Mariella Ahrens: Lovers?

Boris Becker and Mariella Ahrens at the "Silver White Crystal Night" in Munich.
Photo: imago / Lindenthaler

Ten years ago, they were very close.

It almost seems like a romantic date: Boris Becker (44) and Mariella Ahrens (43) enjoy themselves deliciously. They laugh, they whisper, they turtle. Just as freshly couples do. There are wine and sparkling wine on the table, they talk excitedly and keep looking for the proximity of the other.

Whoever observes the actress and the tennis legend senses: There is something in the air! At some point, the photographers even have to put away the cameras. Boris wants rest - and intimate togetherness with his table-lady? All this happened just a week ago, at the "Silver White Crystal Night" in Munich.

Both were there unaccompanied. While Boris' wife Lilly (34) reportedly missed her plane in London, Mariella's husband Patrick Graf von Faber-Castell (46) was absent for another reason: Mariella Ahrens has now confirmed that after six years of marriage separated from her husband - only four days after the night with Boris Becker.

A night that was a strange coincidence. Or maybe fate? For what hardly anyone knows: The two have a common past. It's been ten years since the sparks flew violently during performances. After making a movie together, an evening followed by candlelight.

Mariella Ahrens said ambiguously: "If I had not been married at the time, I would have wanted to get to know Boris immediately." He continues: "He is very charming and intelligent. As a man I find him very interesting. Boris is a great friend. He can listen well, is reliable. Boris can understand me well ... "sentences that sound like a declaration of love.

Perhaps they are also the explanation why Boris Becker and Mariella Ahrens are still so close. And after her marriage-out, the actress is now also to have again, as she reveals in an interview: "I have no new and I'm currently not even head for a new relationship." The more important is now a man to whom she familiar. As one Boris is.

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