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Mons Pubis: Beauty on the climax

Weird ideas for bikinis - gladly! Design ideas for "down under" - no thanks!
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Absurd Beauty Trend: Now the Venus Hill has to go

There are always new ways to look young and immaculate. And with everyone we discover problem areas that we did not even know before. No joke: now even the venous hillock is surgically optimized.

"How God created us" is a beautiful sentence, but does not correspond to the truth. Adding to the beauty of beauty, the female body is subject to constant change. And a never-ending optimization process. Right at the top of the list of weird beauty ideals: the Mons Pubis . Properly read, the mound is even according to the high-quality New York Times, the "It" body part 2015. Is it still?

This absurd trend finds its origin on this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover . On it to see: Model Hannah Davis, who hops her bikini bottoms, revealing the approach of her mound. New York Times columnist Jennifer Weiner writes: "This year the new hot body part: the hitherto neglected because neglected zone between the hem of the panties and the labia ..." Yes no, is clear.

On Twitter the hashtag #monspubis becomes the "Trending Topic" after the front page has been published, on Tumblr women willingly post photos of their pubis and first forums on the topic "Is my monsoon really pretty enough?" can be found on the net.

After the thigh gap "Thigh Gap" and the "Bikini Bridge", in which the hip bones protrude so far that creates a clear space between bikini bottoms and abdomen, so the beauty of beauty conquers even the last corner of our body: the vagina. Suitable beauty surgeries are of course offered long ago. From "monsplasty", a surgical procedure for the reduction of the genus, via a lipomassage, in which the skin is to be tightened by suction, to the complete program. Once inject the pubic mound, tighten the muscles and make the lips smaller with a laser, please! Sorry? Unfortunately, this is not a joke, but an operation that is already offered.

By the way, all the nagging, sucking and straining in the genital area does not have any influence on the quality of your love life. After all, good sex is much more than a designer vagina. Experience for example. Sensuality. Feeling. And above all: satisfaction with your own body.

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