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DIY: Romantic do-it-yourself ideas


A little more pep in your own home ?! No problem. With these ideas to make your own, fresh wind and a touch of romance flair comes home. The following do-it-yourself ideas turn ordinary tableware into luxury place settings, arrange ruffle meetings or bake violet muffins ...

Oh, now I forgot the milk! Such small forgetfulness can be easily counteracted. A small board introduces itself now for the job of the reminder helper. Whether for the shopping list, the daily to-dos, the next birthday and co. - you really do not have to think about everything. A romantically staged blackboard on the wall is a feast for the eyes and a reminder at the same time.

For the board you need: round wooden board, magnetic paint (hardware store), blackboard (hardware store), 1 m wider cord / rope (eg from Hamburg rope factory, 2 m narrow cord / rope, hot glue gun and hot glue, suspension (hardware store), brush, measuring tape, knife, lighter

Instructions: 1. Coat the wooden board first with magnetic paint and after drying with the board color.2. Measure the circumference of the board and cut the wide strip accordingly. The ends merge with a lighter.3. Stick the cord with hot glue around the wooden board.4. Stick the narrow cord under the width, looping at regular intervals.5. Attach the suspension on the back.

(Shelf: from, item no .: HOREWWBD70, approx. 35, 00 Euro)

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Romantic wall decor

There are things that absolutely deserve a place of honor in terms of decoration: for example, the favorite photographs of us.

Material requirements : Transparent paper, photos (family or vacation photos), decopatch glue (handicraft shop), picture hanger (DIY store), pencil, scissors, zigzag scissors, brush

Instructions: 1. Using tracing paper, record the center of the plate and use the cut circle as a template.2. Copy several photos larger or have them copied in the copy shop and use the templates to cut to the appropriate plate size. (Tip: For more beautiful edges, cut with a zigzag scissors.) 3. Spread the center of the plate with decopatch glue, place the photos on the plates and brush as well. Allow the glue to dry and fix the plate with picture hangers, depending on the wall condition.

(White vase by House Doctor, figure by Wagner & Apel, runner by Au Maison, dresser by Car)

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Cuddle with pillows

Romance and cosiness fit together as well as flower and vase. By the way, this also applies to bow and pillow - all in all a successful ensemble for a romantic date.

Material: Fabric romantic with flowers (82 x 42 cm), transparent pink fabric (120 cm long, 20 cm wide), 40 x 40 cm stuffing cushions, lindgrünes satin ribbon, small fabric rose, sewing machine, yarn, scissors, sewing needle

Instructions: 1. Fold the strip of fabric right to right square and close the seams except for an opening for the filling.2. Turn pillow over, insert filling pad and sew open seam piece by hand.3. Put the transparent fabric to the bow, fix the middle with green satin ribbon.4. Sew on a small fabric rose and sew the ribbon on the pillow.

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Romantic imposters

Distributing violets should not be taken too literally here. Nobody gets a flower or a black eye. The little violet muffins just want to enchant our eyes and our palate.

You need: Muffins (baking mixture), 500 g powdered sugar, 1 egg white, food coloring in purple (eg from Wilton 1.99 euros over KD pies), butterfly cookie cutter, fondant in white (eg from Wilton 5, 89 euros over KD pies), sugar flowers (supermarket), blender

Instructions: 1. Bake muffins according to the instructions and allow to cool down.2. Make icing out of icing sugar and egg whites. Dye one half purple with food coloring and brush the muffins in purple and white.3. Halve the fondant also with food coloring purple. Form butterflies with the help of cookie cutters. Fix these with some frosting on the muffin.4. Decorate other muffins with sugar flowers.

(Pie plates: House Doctor about nostalgia in the nursery, about 9.90 euros and 16.90 euros)

For a romantic dinner

My dear, please put. It is served. White and beige go hand in hand and transform the set dinner table into a festive romance table.

Material: Air-drying modeling clay (by Fimo), cloth napkin, ribbon, possibly blossom or name tag, knife, toothpick

Here's how: 1. Knead the air-drying modeling clay gently in your hand.2. Make a roll about 8 cm wide and 2.5 cm thick and use it to form the feather.3. With a knife, scrape the individual feather hairs into the feather and with a toothpick make a hole in the end to hang it up.4. Leave to air dry for 24 hours.5. Put a napkin together, fix it with a ribbon and push the spring underneath. Add a flower or name tag at your discretion.

(Plates large: Rörstrand "Swedish Grace", about 22 euros.) Plates small: Rörstrand "Swedish Grace", about 20 euros Cups: Rörstrand "Swedish Grace", about 18 euros Candlesticks: Madame Stoltz, about 10 Euro: Plate white: Mania / Serax)

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