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Airbnb: Creatives spoof the new logo

Photo: Airbnb

Female genitalia or rather Peter Griffin?

Airbnb has released a new logo. Creative people have reshaped it and collected their designs in a Tumblr blog. Airbnb designers are unlikely to find it that good ...

They meant it so well and even gave the new logo a cute name. But Bélo did not really get on the web. No sooner had Airbnb's new logo been released than a few days ago, creatives began to redesign it.

Airbnb is one of the largest online marketplaces for apartment rentals and the logo is meant to be the symbol of everyone's arrival and welcome worldwide. "Airbnb stands for something bigger than just traveling . We imagined a world in which you belong everywhere, "explains the housing agency portal in the image video, in which the new logo is presented. It should be "a symbol of belonging".

Now, the logo is definitely getting known much faster. Here are a few of the lust ... um, most creative designs. Sorry, Airbnb!

In this variant, the slogan was changed because someone has recognized something else in the loop.

The logo also works well as a beard / chin of cartoon character Peter Griffin.

And more explicit than this is probably not ...

For completeness, here is the official video of Airbnb, with which the new logo was presented.

Where ... we have to show this tweet as well.