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Did you know that the "Denver" star is half Düsseldorf?

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George Hamilton and his German love

It reads like the script for a film romance: famous, handsome Hollywood star meets pretty, young doctor from Dusseldorf. They fall in love, he follows her to their home, to the beautiful Rhine.

It was the same with movie star George Hamilton (70) and his girlfriend Barbara Sturm (37). They got to know each other when the successful orthopedic and anti-aging expert visited Visite in Hollywood, where the expert in natural beauty in old age has many Hollywood stars as clients. George came to her with a broken shoulder - the beginning of a great love.

The 33-year age difference does not bother either - not anymore. Barbara Sturm: "In the beginning, I did not take things so seriously, and as our relationship intensified, the question of age was gone."

George Hamilton himself is joking about it: "I can not remember my age! I feel like forty with Barbara ... "

For them, he now commutes between Malibu (California) and Dusseldorf. In the elegant district of Oberkassel you can see them strolling and walking with their dog Dodo am Rhein.

Barbara Sturm has a practice nearby, on the noble mile Königsallee. George is with her for several months of the year, but she visits him as well.

The "Denver Clan" star is not only there, but around the world as one of the most beautiful men. And yet he searched for a long time in vain for the great love happiness. His only marriage failed in 1976. The common son Ashley George Hamilton in the mid-'90s great worry: He fell for the heroin, almost died. Today, Ashley (35) is cured of addiction.

And now - after numerous affairs, from one of the youngest son George Thomas (9) comes - probably the heart of George Hamilton comes to rest.

He enthuses about his adopted city of Düsseldorf: "It is a very beautiful city with great restaurants. And I love the Rhine. "But above all, he's there for Barbara:" I have the sweetest friend in the world! "

That sounds like being in love and after a happy ending of the romance - maybe he even dares to stand in front of the altar with Barbara ...