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Instead of sunscreen? 7 funny facts about Nutella

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  1. The, The, or The Nutella?
  2. 1. Nutella over everything
  3. 2. Sweet theft
  4. 3. A holiday for Germany's nut nougat cream number 1
  5. 4. Nutella bread for free
  6. 5. Sweet sunscreen
  7. 6. Nutella is not the same Nutella
  8. 7. Germany a Nutellaland

The, The, or The Nutella?

Always have a glass of Nutella in your pocket! Why? Because it protects against sun and tastes different on vacation. More funny facts are here. Calorie free!

What is right? The one or the Nutella ? With or without butter? Hardly anything is debated as much as Germany 's Nougat Nougat cream number one. When it comes to the Nutella bread, the Germans know no fun.

At least in one thing they agree: No copy tastes as good as the original! And best of all, the nut nougat cream tastes great in cakes, cupcakes and brownies. Or you just do it yourself. Everyone can buy!

1. Nutella over everything

Now - 'uuuuunnnnndddddddd' Now - '' uuuuunnnnndddddddd 'Now ... Every 2.5 seconds, a jar of Nutella is sold worldwide, every 8 seconds a baby is born. Funny ... Who should eat the whole Nutella bread? Maybe spoon?

2. Sweet theft

In 2013, 5.5 tons of Nutella were stolen from a parked truck . Considering that you smear 20 g of the nut nougat cream on your bread every day, a considerable amount. Figuratively speaking that would be 275000 Nutella breads or 1375 Nutellagläser.

3. A holiday for Germany's nut nougat cream number 1

Since 2007, the 5th of February is officially the day of the Nutella. And that worldwide. Since the beginning of February recipes are exchanged and Nutella orgies celebrated. Hard to imagine that Ferrero wanted to put an end to the day of remembrance. Where there is nothing better than once a year to empty a Nutella glass to the last rest empty. Without a bad conscience.

4. Nutella bread for free

Until a few years ago, Italian Aunt Emma shops offered a very special service: 'Smear' for free. Children could come to the small shops and get a portion of Nutella for free. A great idea that unfortunately is history.

5. Sweet sunscreen

The sunscreen not at hand? Nutella does it too. At least in mild conditions. With a sun protection factor of 9.7, the nut nougat cream does not fit into the upper third of the sun creams, but it certainly does not taste as good as this.

6. Nutella is not the same Nutella

Nutella does not taste the same everywhere. There are two varieties of Nutella: the sweeter and the firmer variety. In northern Europe, the less sweet and firmer variety is preferably nibbled. In the south, in France, Spain and Italy, the sweeter form of Nutella comes to the table. The reason for this is the increased cocoa content.

7. Germany a Nutellaland

Every year around 90 million jars of Nutella are produced in Germany. Considering that around 400 million jars are sold worldwide every year, that's a lot. No wonder: In 70% of German households, the sweet nut nougat cream comes on the table in the morning.