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Miley Cyrus without lingerie in bondage dress

Miley Cyrus wore nothing but a skin-tight robe in the VH1 Divas

Miley Cyrus / ©

The embarrassing dressage that Anne Hathaway suffered last week at the New York premiere of "Les Miserable" seems to have been anything but daunting on some celebrities. Miley Cyrus at least joined the colleague last weekend in terms of risky gigs without underwear. While fortunately she did not look at her private parts when getting out of the car, there was no doubt that she was not panties in the face of her permissive bondage dress Even Bra had an undisturbed seat - both had no place under the bang-hole, hole-robe. Did Miley Cyrus know as an Anne Hathaway copy of the "VH1 Divas?" Overall, Miley Cyrus's appearance on the "VH1 Divas" event was very reminiscent to Anne Hathaway. Both ladies currently wear short hair, they both decided on the fetish look and looked a little dirty without something underneath. So did the 20-year-old copy the twelve-year-old Anne after suffering the worst disgrace in her career?