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Professor calms crying baby of a student

Professor calmed baby of a student
Photo: IMGUR

He continued to teach with the child in his arms

When the baby of a student in the middle of the lecture began to cry, she wanted to leave the room. She never expected anything that would happen.

A photo made a 67-year social psychology professorship an Internet star: When a student wanted to leave because of her crying baby lecture, he took the child unceremoniously on the arm and consoled it. After the baby stopped crying, he continued to teach with him in his arms .

A student posted the picture showing the curious situation. On Facebook, it already got 50, 000 Like Me details, on IMGUR it was viewed over a million times.

The daughter of the professor from Jerusalem affirms: "My father just loves children and babies, he has five grandchildren." The professor is also always encouraged students to bring their children just with the lecture.

When they heard the viral reach of the picture, he and his wife were shocked. The woman reports that since then her husband even gets love letters from all over the world.