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Michelle Hunziker shows naked baby bump

Baby bellies of the stars: Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker is vacationing by the sea - and brings us sexy bikini pictures with baby bumps. We show the hot photos and even more baby-belly celebrities.

Michelle Hunziker with a bare baby belly
Photo: If

Bikinifotos by Michelle Hunziker abound. But THIS is really new: The TV presenter was on July 18, 2013 quite revealing with her sweet baby stomach in sexy bikini on the beach.

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Michelle Hunziker is currently vacationing in Ibiza with her friend Tomaso Trussardi. The two will probably enjoy some togetherness before the little baby will turn her world upside down. At the beginning of July (photo above), sexy bikini photos by Michelle Hunziker with baby bumps appeared. Then she can be seen on the sea in Liguria.

Next year, a little girl or little boy will splash with Michelle Hunziker in the sea. The baby is to be born in the fall of 2013.

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