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Adult Coloring Books: New Lifestyle Trend with Relax Factor

Photo: Screenshot Instagram / Johanna Basford
  1. Paint fields as relaxation
  2. Pure relaxation thanks to Malb chern
  3. Where can I buy the coloring books?

Paint fields as relaxation

Painting is only for kids. The latest trend in creative books shows that coloring drawings is the hit against stress.

In the United Kingdom and the United States adult coloring books are the latest hobby trend. At times even led the Amazon bestseller lists. And in this country too, more and more people are enjoying the books, whose black-and-white drawings they can paint colorfully.

Regram from @emilyquinton. #secretgarden

A photo posted by Laurence King Publishing (@laurencekingpub) on Jul. 15, 2014 at 2:48 pm

Particularly popular are above all the books of Scottish Johanna Basford. "My Enchanted Garden" or "My Magic Forest" are the names of their coloring book hits and take the buyer into a bewitched world of flora and fauna. Butterflies, flowers, trees and castles can be imaginatively brought to life with colorful pencils.

Pure relaxation thanks to coloring books

It's not just a beautiful childhood memory that can be revived. In a world that is becoming more and more digital and faster, it is almost meditative to paint a coloring book colorfully . "I think it's really relaxing to do something similar, to pull yourself out, " said Johanna Basford in an interview with "And it's creative, for many people a blank sheet is pretty scary, with a coloring book all you have to do is paint, and it's also a bit nostalgic, " the artist continues.

The Secret Garden hummingbirds in embroidery! Amazing work by Mary at

A photo posted by Johanna Basford (@johannabasford) on May 18, 2015 at 2:37 pm

Basford has obviously hit the nerve of the times with her works - completely surprising for everyone involved. Eleanor Blatherwick, Sales Manager and Marketing Director of the publishing house Laurence King, revealed to, "It's crazy, the last few weeks since the release of" Zauberwald "were completely insane, but amazingly insane." We knew the coloring book would be nice, but we did not expect the phenomenal success of the whole thing. "

Well, only courage to paint, nobody will find it childish. Basford confirms this and adds, "These are adult books, the art of my books is super difficult." And not at all suitable for children ...

Where can I buy the coloring books?

You can get Johanna Basford's coloring books "My Magic Forest" and "My Enchanted Garden" through, for example. Priced the books go from about 15 euros.

You still do not know if coloring is fun for you? Then test it here with an example image for downloading and printing.

Happy coloring! Gorgeous Regram from @sweethue. #secretgarden

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Behind the scenes sneak peek of when @sambrill came to visit the studio last week ... Photo @sambrill

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Work in progress.

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Testing testing ... Doing a little blog for my chums at

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