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Funny Video: Puppy challenges Doberman

"What do you want?", Thinks the Doberman surprised!
Photo: Screenshot / Rumble Viral

Small vs big

Small but nice! This is definitely true for this puppy, because he shows no fear despite its tiny size. In the funny video he challenges even a Doberman!

Kyra is only a few weeks old, but the bitch does not know about childish shyness . Above all, the puppy wants one thing: play! As a playmate he has chosen just a big Doberman.

He only looks puzzled when the comparatively tiny puppy approaches him and then challenges him! The youth of today is getting worse, the Doberman seems to think, as he is barking loudly. The barking sounds rather cute, but frightening. Nevertheless, the big dog then lets in on a game, even if he remains unimpressed.

The two four-legged friends frolick cheerfully in the garden, where the male meanwhile throws his master a questioning look, if everything is OK. The Doberman seems to be slightly overwhelmed with the situation, to be challenged by a tiny puppy.

The facial expression of the dog is gorgeous! Ultimately, the unequal pair of its different size can not be disturbed - maybe the little one awakens father feelings in the giant Doberman, who lets the puppy play relaxed

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