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Leonard Lansink: Rough shell, soft core


Leonard Lansink ...? Of course you know him, you've seen him many times! That's right, he's "Wilsberg, " the Münster hobby detective whose wordy, bulky nature loves millions of fans. Soon we can experience the 54-year-old in a new TV movie - as a man, as many of us have him at home: does not open his mouth and feels most comfortable with a beer in his hand while grilling. The Fred in the film has a rough shell, but also a soft core. Lansink gave us one of his rare interviews. To "Two men of the best age", due date 3.3., 8:15 pm in the first:

Mr. Lansink, have you ever had any other than the best age? Leonard Lansink : No, I was never really young and therefore always old.

The "best age" does not have to mean that you are old! Leonard Lansink : Of course you're right - actually, every age is the best.

How do you feel now? Leonard Lansink : As ever. Many men in their 50s are experiencing a life crisis. Has you already caught the midlife crisis? Leonard Lansink : Not really. I've overslept, I think. The figure of "Fred" in your new TV movie begins yes, a whole new period of life. Have you ever considered turning your life completely upside down? Leonard Lansink : No, I have such a varied existence. Everything is great with me.

"Fred" is rather brittle as a life partner. He does not exactly wear his heart on his tongue, he behaves according to the motto: She knows that I love her. You make the impression as if you do not like talking too much. What do you have to do to experience your charming side? Leonard Lansink : Oh, that's not so hard. I am also friendly to friendly people. It always works, but not in the morning. Then I'm unbearable. It takes longer and a few cups of coffee, until I'm awake enough to be friendly.

You yourself said in an earlier interview: "As an orphan, you do not care much about your family." Do you still stand today? Leonard Lansink : In the end, yes. However, I would not go back to my childhood today. It was rather the occupational uncertainty that prevailed in my life back then.

And how is it today? Leonard Lansink : Oh, today I think fathers should be young enough to lift their children. They themselves grew up with their grandparents because their mother just left you in the hospital. You have visited your mother later ... Leonard Lansink : Yes, that was not a pleasant meeting. But at least: I found her.

At that time you were 30. Since then, of course, has changed a lot in their lives. They had cancer, they saw how fast life could end. After that did you try again to build a relationship with your mother? Leonard Lansink : No. She is a strange woman for me. Blood is not a very thick juice . A relationship arises from the shared history one has. And we did not have that.

Nevertheless, many who suddenly become life-threateningly ill want to make peace with a few things. Leonard Lansink : But then rather with the people from my environment. Certainly not with people from my past.

What do you feel for your mother today? Leonard Lansink : I am happy that I exist. I'm grateful for that. But that's all. Who in your childhood are you thinking back with love? Leonard Lansink : To my grandparents who brought me through. They were very nice to me.

They have long been cancer-free, are considered cured. Leonard Lansink : Statistically, I'm on the good side.

How did the disease change her? Leonard Lansink : I've become more thoughtful and do not let me steal time anymore. I have learned to value the value of existence more highly.

Have you started to go faster: travel more, celebrate more ... Leonard Lansink : No, that's not it. But I am kinder to the people who deserve it, and more rude to those who annoy me. It has expanded the character in both directions.

They were never married. Leonard Lansink : I do not think marrying is so important. It does not appear in my priority list.

What is written on it? Leonard Lansink : Life, pleasure, being together, being a nicer person.

That sounds almost Buddhist . Leonard Lansink : I am not a Buddhist.

Is there something you believe in? Leonard Lansink : No. I was a catholic, was also on the episcopal high school. But that was enough to close the door behind him.

With what feelings do you go into the future? Leonard Lansink : I'm in a really satisfying situation right now. I would be happy if it stays that way - or gets better.

What else is missing? Leonard Lansink : All actors lack security. But you have to do that. It's part of the job and I'm slowly learning to live with it.

Are you actually a fighter type? Leonard Lansink : That's it. I am very tough. That's one of my better qualities.

And what is the worst? Leonard Lansink : Well, I'm Capricorn - and the Zodiac is always "pessimistic and hard-hearted". Good thing I do not believe in horoscopes. I noticed that, because that's not the case at all. Also: Jesus was also Capricorn. You have to say that.

Do you dream of something? Leonard Lansink : At least not from a yacht, a car, a house. Actually, I live as good as it is.

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