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GoosebumpsWhen this bride surprises her husband at the wedding, just the whole world is moving!

On the way to the altar, the bride begins to sing.

Touching video: Bride sings on the way to the altar

As the groom waits excitedly at the altar, he suddenly hears a familiar voice. His bride surprises him with a touching song!

The moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time before the wedding is a very special one. Excited, he already waits for a chosen one at the altar, the nervousness increases with each minute that the bride is late. What if she does not come? Countless film scenes from Hollywood romances (or just non-romances), in which the woman then changed his mind, sneaking into his head.

Maybe that's what happens to this groom, who waits nervously in the church. As in most cases, his concern then ultimately unfounded. His bride appears, of course, but she brings with her a surprise that the bridegroom would not have expected!

The church door opens and the moment has come when the nervous man sees his soon-to-be wife in her dress for the first time. A happy smile flies over his face as the bride and her father make their way to the altar. But suddenly his fiancé does something unexpected. She lifts a microphone to her mouth and begins to sing.

But it gets even more romantic: The bride does not surprise her groom with any song, but his favorite song ! Even the father-in-law overcomes himself and bravely agrees. Even before the yes-word, the bride confesses her love to her friend in a way she could hardly be more beautiful. Not only the groom is moved to tears!

It does not always have to be the men who impress with big gestures. We women too can be courageous and conquer the love of our lives with a special surprise!

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