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Thermomix and Co: Cooking kitchen machines under test

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Clever food

Stir, mix, cook - these devices can do a good deal. The differences are in the detail. We compared for you.

Test winner Thermomix

Vorwerk Thermomix TM 5

Price 1109 €

Functions Steam cooking, cooking, stirring, beating, mixing, chopping, grinding, kneading, weighing, mixing, heating, emulsifying

Delivery includes cooking insert, mixing attachment, measuring cup, spatula, steam cooking attachment, cookbook, recipe chip

Cleaning The knife can be removed from the stainless steel container very quickly. This greatly facilitates the cleaning

Special features Practical: The Thermomix guides you through a series of pre-programmed recipes and gives instructions on when to add which ingredient

Customer service instruction at home, free cooking class, recipe portal, telephone hotline and service center in many cities

CONCLUSION Great workmanship, innovative operation and top service make the Thermomix the clear test winner

Russell Hobbs Soup and Blend

Price 119, 99 €

Cooking / steaming functions, ice crushen, 3 mixing functions, ideal for finely and coarsely pureed soups and sauces

Delivery There are no extras except the manual

Cleaning Somewhat harder than the other two devices, as the knife is not removable

Specialties Soups can be kept warm for about 40 minutes with the keep-warm function at 70-80 ° C

Customer service Free service hotline, 1 year additional guarantee for online registration (total 3 years warranty)

CONCLUSION No steam cooking function and lower capacity. Overall but good value for money

Jupiter Thermomaster

Price 499, 90 €

Functions chop, stir, knead, grind, crush, beat, mix, puree, emulsify, cook, steam

Scope of delivery Mixing blades, knife, spatula, Garkorb, steam cooking attachment (4-part), measuring cup, recipe book

Cleaning Again, the knife is very easy to remove. This makes cleaning nice and comfortable

Special features Suction cups ensure a secure hold of the food processor on the worktop. At the same time, they make it difficult to move

Customer Service 3 years extra guarantee for online registration of the device (for a total of 5 years warranty)

CONCLUSION Operating concept and processing can not be applied to the Thermomix . It saves around 600 euros

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