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Free Phhhoto app: Easily create GIFs with your smartphone

Phhhoto turns GIFs into images in no time at all.
Photo: iTunes / Phhhoto

New app makes Instagram competition

Instagram adé! From now on, it's not just funny snapshots that are shared by lunch, but moving pictures - that's how it works.

One app turns your face into an emoji, others let you draw yourself from strangers - the possibilities (and especially ideas) in the world of smartphone applications currently seem to be truly unlimited. We were a little surprised that the Phhhoto app did not exist before.

With the free app Phhhoto you can easily turn photos into GIFs; Moving pictures that look like little movies. Of course, as with Instagram, you can of course share your artwork with others, collect followers, and like the so-called "phthotes" of others.

Katy Perry also uses the app - and what makes the shrill singer is certainly trend. Her Phifo created GIF , on which her toes are to be seen with smiley pedicure, makes us really want to try out the new app! # PHHHOTO

- KATY PERRY (@katyperry) July 26, 2014

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