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Cobalt blue! Power color with luminosity

Stella McCartney brings the catwalk to life with cobalt blue designs
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"Electric Blue" against the winter blues

Picasso, the Cookie Monster, cornflowers, blueberry ice, the sky, the sea. , , You understand the message? The spring / summer season is cobalt blue - and beautiful!

Blue is something very special: around 40 percent of Germans say it's their favorite color . And in the spring / summer of 2013, there are bound to be a few more color fans. The reason: a brilliant nuance conquers the fashion! No sound is as bright, full and trendy as cobalt blue. Plus: It sells the winter blues and is available to everyone - whether blond or brunette, pale or tanned.

The trend tone meets us in this season again and again as "Electric Blue", named for ionized light, such as a flash or electric spark. No wonder that designer labels such as Stella McCartney, Gucci or Chanel for spring / summer 2013 are only too happy to be dazzled by the bright color.

If the basic color blue stands for calm and harmony, soul-caressing and contentment, Kobaltblau sets with his "hello, here I am!" Effect still a fad on it. The effect: full attention!

The beauty business also relies on the color cobalt blue. Whether blue, green or brown eyes - light blue kohl makes them shine even more intense! The fresh jet style of labels such as Moschino Cheap And Chic (picture on the right) can easily be copied by inexperienced people with two or three "handles".

And this is how it works: To make sure the look works well, the frosty blue kohl pencil should be particularly creamy and soft.

For a sturdy hold, apply some eye shadow under the lower lash line. Then as with a crayon generously along the lower eyelid "along paint" - up to the inner corner of the eye.

Finally, apply a little blue paint to the outer edges of the movable lid and wipe the upper lash line. Finished!

In the gallery: Street-style outfits, chic runway looks in cobalt blue and current it-pieces from the shops. In short: The fashion trend "Electric Blue" to imitate.

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