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Instead of laser: This cream is intended to remove tattoos

Cream instead of painful laser: Can tattoos be removed like this?
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  1. Laser ad !
  2. How does the anti-tattoo cream work?
  3. Where is the anti-tattoo cream?

Laser adé!

The name of the ex, a tribal on the rump or a holiday memory that does not like anymore? Do you have a tattoo that you have long since regretted? Then maybe there is the rescue: An anti- tattoo cream for just three euros should now remove tattoos. That would spare the painful laser therapy . We asked ourselves how this should work.

By accident, Canadian medical student Alec Falkenham has come across a technique that is supposed to cream off tattoos. The 27-year-old is actually researching an ointment that is supposed to prevent scar tissue from forming in the heart region. Incidentally, the student found out that the cream is also suitable to get rid of unloved tattoos.

How does the anti-tattoo cream work?

When a tattoo is stung, the color enters the bloodstream and is absorbed by the white blood cells. Some of the cells pick up the paint, stay and settle on the pierced spot. This creates the tattoo. The anti-tattoo cream manages to extract the color from the cells and transport it away via the lymphatic system . However, not just one application is enough to achieve a good result. Frequent creaming is one of them.

Where is the anti-tattoo cream?

So far the cream can not be bought. Since the Bisphosphonate Liposomal Tattoo Removal (BLTR) method is being researched, it will take until the ointment is in the shops. The cost of the cream should be around 3 euros.

A big hit for the well-performing tattoo removal industry, which earns a lot of money with laser therapies. For consumers, the BLTR cream may be the long-awaited breakthrough: tattoo removal without expensive and painful laser therapy.

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