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club foot


Clubfoot: definition, causes and symptoms

A clubfoot is the malposition of the joints . One in every 1, 000 newborns is born with the deformity Clubfoot, where the feet are bent inwards. Her calf muscles are usually weakened and the Achilles tendon shortened. In addition to congenital factors, circumstances during pregnancy may be responsible for a clubfoot, such as unfavorable storage of the embryo, too little amniotic fluid or mother's nicotine addiction. Important is an immediate treatment of clubfoot. Adults rarely get the disease clubfoot. Then nervous disorders are the cause. The clubfoot affects one or both feet and may vary in severity in each patient. In severe cases and without treatment of the clubfoot, sufferers run on the outer edge of the feet or even on their backs. It threatens severe joint damage and increasing stiffening of the foot.

Clubfoot: treatment

When Klumpfuß the doctor must distinguish the malposition of a mere malposition. This is only externally similar to a clubfoot and is formed in most cases by itself or by simple exercises back. Therapy in clubfoot must begin shortly after birth. In some cases, treatment with physiotherapy and plaster casts is sufficient. These are repeatedly adjusted over several weeks to correct the malposition. Thereafter, a rail must be temporarily worn. Frequently, surgical lengthening of the Achilles tendon is necessary to treat the clubfoot.

Clubfoot: prevention and self-help

Since the clubfoot is a congenital deformity, it can not be prevented. Should a clubfoot be present, early treatment is very important. Sometimes minor irregularities are left behind. It is important to get good advice from the doctor about the right choice of footwear and healthy exercise.